Read This If You Think Not Eating Is The Best Way To Lose Belly Fat

We’re here to present tips on how to lose belly fat.

I must warn you though that there isn’t a secret recipe for losing just belly fat. While I was working at Locksmith Fort Lauderdale everyone will mess with me and bring me food because I was to skinny. In order to lose belly fat you must lose body fat. Let me repeat that.

IN ORDER TO LOSE BELLY FAT YOU MUST LOSE BODY FAT! After working helping my friend at Will help you anywhere I started losing weight since we kept working outside in the sun, so if your looking to lose weight and get paid just look for a job that has you outside. You can try to get your hands on new window coverings like these faux wood blinds and vertical blinds. Or you can get normal shades like these blackout shades and motorized shades. New roller shades can be great too, like these bamboo blinds and roman shades. The first thing we can recommend our readers is to drink lots of water.

Drinking lots of water will help you lose weight and keep your body hydrated and ready to go. We also recommend cutting down on sugary drinks of any kind.

Another tip I recommend is high intensity interval training. Take a treadmill for example.

You would run at a speed of 6 miles and hour for 30 seconds and then immediately slow the speed down to 2 miles an hour. This would be a repeat cycle and you will definitely burn lots of fat.

You can adjust the speed accordingly because I know some people will be more fit already than others. As you move up make sure to not push yourself too much because you want to keep your heart rate at an optimal level.

This will allow you to burn the most body fat.







How To Drop That Belly!

Foods to avoid when trying to lose belly fat

The number one food or drink I would avoid is beer.

Why? Well beer has drastic effects on a person’s mid section. Ever heard the term beer belly?

Well it’s there for a reason. It means you will gain weight in a concentrated area, your belly. The reason is that beer has empty calories which do nothing for your body.

Your body cannot use the empty calories so it will store them. Let’s remember to avoid empty calories in general. There are other foods that will provide empty calories but not at the level of beer.

Another food to avoid when trying to lose belly fat is sugary foods or drink. One way that my friend started to lose her belly was every time she went to work at locksmith company in Austinm, in the great state of Texas. They do all types of car keys and replacement for autos and even commercial job. During lunch she will have a slim fat drink. The worst are the over processed cookies and snacks you find in the snack aisle at your local supermarket.

This type of food just brings you a sense of fulfillment for a couple minutes and then can go on to ruin your week’s diet. Remember that most of these snacks are filled with sugar and the body does not do well with sugar.  Also, at the gym, I stick to a rule, that if your hands are not touching aluminum extrusions then you are not working out! Sugar is eventually converted into fat and stored for later use by the body. This means you are likely to gain more weight by consuming too much sugar.



Lose Belly Fat Quickly

Losing belly fat is the hardest challenge for many people who are working out. If you workout at home to keep your privacy and feel more comfortable they you should get phifer blackout shades for your home. It can make going to the gym a daily routine with the goal being the main reason. There are no shortcuts to losing belly fat. It is a myth that some companies want you to believe to get you to buy their product. We’ve all seen the infomercials late at night. They show you the miracle product that will make you lose belly fat without dieting or working out. I hate to say the obvious but it is impossible without diet and hard work. A good diet is the foundation to good fitness. Working out and not eating well is like trying to drive a car without fuel. You might be able to push it for a little while, but in the long run you will just give up.

You should try to avoid starchy foods and carbohydrates. Another great tip is to eat small meals often. This will get your metabolism working in overdrive. Stress is another key to losing belly fat believe it or not. I try to avoid any type of stress if possible. From the stress of every day driving to the stress of shopping for like a solar shade, I try my best to avoid those situations. Not only is stress an easy way to gain fat, it is bad for your overall health.

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